quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

Greetings in English

Thinking of friends who do not speak Portuguese, I will accept the help of Google and I'll write a little English.

Yes, I'm fine. I'm working on writing for a producer of shows here in Fortaleza. Writing projects. There, I am also producer - that's pretty cool. Can organize parties and meet famous people.

I'm living with my parents. We live outside the city: It's a quiet place, very quiet.

I am doing a Graduate. Study "Theories of Communication and Image." It is very difficult because the readings are heavy.

'm Not dating - Interested people can send me an email - hehehe.

I've written some short stories and hopefully a book coming soon.

My life goes on changing. Many friends getting married and I still do not know if I should get married, or buy a bike.

That's it for now.

Miss you, English, Welsh, German, Irish, Finnish and other foreigners.

God bless you!

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